Sincliar Consultants

SmartestEnergy is the UK's leading purchaser of electricity produced by independent generators and a supplier of renewable and good quality CHP-generated power to business users.

Sinclair Consultants has been working with SmartestEnergy since 2003 and has played a major role in helping it achieve its dominant position in the sector.

Back in 2003, SmartestEnergy was a new start-up with an innovative but un-tested offer in the recently liberalised UK energy sector. Working closely with the senior management team, Sinclair Consultants devised a communications strategy to support the growth of the business and implemented a wide-ranging programme of activities to inform and educate key target audiences about the company and its products.

The company now manages over 1.2GW of power generated at over 300 sites across the UK and in its last financial year, generated a profit before tax in excess of £10 million.

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