Sincliar Consultants

Searaser is a fully-patented wave energy / pumped storage device that has been tested successfully off the South Devon coast and is now ready for commercial manufacture as a 1MW device.

It offers a number of advantages over other wave energy devices, including:

  • Reliability - no electrics or hydraulic systems on board;
  • Simplicity - in that there are only four moving parts within the Searaser unit;
  • searaserVersatility - Can be deployed at a range of sea depths;
  • Durability – can withstand storm conditions as unit can be locked down in the full compression position;
  • Can be mass-installed in high concentrations (no exclusion zone required as device is tethered);
  • Can deliver on-demand or stored energy unlike all other wind, wave or tidal technologies;
  • Can also be used for desalination, fish farming or harbour de-silting purposes, as well as power generation;
  • Is modular.

Sinclair Consultants has played a key role in supporting the directors of the business, creating communications materials, leading the journalist-focused media relations programme, including working with SWRDA & The Carbon Trust to complete grant  applications. Sinclair Consultants also contacted a number of potential external funders and laid the groundwork for the eventual investment made by Ecotricity in the business. This funding, secured in January 2012, has meant that a larger-scale device is now being developed.