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Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL), is a wave energy device developer. SWEL's device is called the Waveline Magnet and it shows great potential as a device that can deliver a very high - and stable - power output at relatively low cost. 

SWEL's senior managment team based in the South West of England with its R&D, Design and Engineering functions based in Cyprus. Sinclair Consultants has been working with the company since 2012, providing high level support across a range of functions including business development, grant fund applications, marketing and PR.

In 2013 the company tested its WM7 wave energy device in the wave-tank at Plymouth University and in order to accelerate the testing regime, has now built its own wave-tank at Larnaka in Cyprus.

The next stage is for the business to build a new device that can be rigorously tested within UK waters, under a testing regime supervised by a 3rd party expert.

Sinclair is supporting all aspects of the business as it seeks to create partnerships with providers of specialist support across engineering, manufacture and deployment.

CleantTech Innovate presentation February 2015

Video of Christopher Biggs presenting SWEL at CleanTech Innovate February 2015