Sincliar Consultants

The Renewable Energy Association is the UK's largest trade association representing renewable energy producers and promotes the use of sustainable energy in the UK. 

When it became apparent that the renewables sector in the UK needed a single, authoritative voice to represent the various renewable technologies and present a unified front to Government and the energy sector's regulatory authorities, a group of senior energy practitioners got together and set up the Renewable Power Association (RPA). 

Sinclair Consultants is a founder member and worked with that small team from the outset, helping the RPA establish itself as the main voice for the renewables sector in the UK.

Its first task was to create a new corporate identity, write content for the new RPA website and design and produce the RPA's first two editions of its Renewables Yearbook. This document was the first of its kind to define key statistics for the UK renewable power industry and included useful reference data and a glossary of information to help demistify the sector for outsiders and newcomers.

From those early days back in 2002 when the RPA had just 65 members,today the Renewable Energy Association has over 600 members. Its primary role today is to secure the best legislative and regulatory framework for expanding renewable energy production in the UK. it also undertakes policy development and provides input to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others.

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