Sincliar Consultants

Marine Current Turbines Limited is the world's leading developer, manufacturer and operator of large-scale undersea, tidal current turbines. Its twin rotor 1.2MW SeaGen device was installed in May 2008 at Strangford Lough near Belfast in Northern Ireland and is today, still the world's only full-scale commercial tidall current turbine capable of consistently generating over 1MW in everyday conditions. This device is accredited by Ofgem as an offical UK power station and is the only tidal marine renewable to qualify so far, delivering an average of 10MWh into the grid every tide.

Sinclair Consultants has been leading the campaign to upgrade the look, feel and content of the company's literature, prior to embarking on a pro-active campaign to target new blue chip business partners and international investors.

To download a copy of the new Marine Curent Turbines brochure, please click here:
MCT brochure.