Sincliar Consultants

Cornwall Energy Associates is a niche energy consultancy providing informed, independent energy market analysis and advice for market participants, service providers and policy makers.  Its clients span the UK energy sector and range from Government Departments and the big, international energy utilities right down to small, independent supply companies.

When Cornwall Energy Associates (CEA) was set up by Nigel Cornwall, Managing Director, he had an immediate requirement for a new corporate identity, a new website incorporating all-new content and an easy-to-use content managment system and specific marketing and public relations support to raise the profile of the various energy seminars, briefings and courses that are the core CEA offer.

Sinclair Consultants also devised and developed CEA publications aimed at specific target audiences within the energy sector, such as the SmartestEnergy Informer, produced on behalf of SmartestEnergy by CEA. 

Today, Cornwall Energy Associates continues to use Sinclair's Indico content management system for the CEA website, a resource that has been continuously developed and improved over the past five years.